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I loved it. This had action, & comedy mixed into the same show. Plus, it was based off the Turducken, which I remember seeing on a documentary on Thanksgiving week 2 years ago. You took America's favorite clusterfuck Thanksgiving dinner, and put it in a flash.
"I got new shoes, & I'm gonna warm them by shovin' them in ya ass. You fuck." Best line in the whole show! Please, make this into a series. For the sake of NG Humanity.

Vote: 4/5
Review: 4/5


This porno flash is very well drawn. Great framerate, great detail, etc. The job you did on drawing
the nipples, the veins, & the semen is far better than what I've seen from most ppl. Could do with
a bit of color, and that's where you lose 1/2 a star.

I've also, for unknown reasons, been obsessed w/ Lilith recently, & she was drawn very well
in this clip! Great job. Love it. If you could just color it, it could be fap material. ;D

Vote: 5/5
Review: 4.5/5

pinoytoons responds:

tnx for the review :D . but the description said it already . colored version belongs to the comissioner ;P


Sir, this isn't a comedy show, this is a horror sci-fi short to an extent.
The creepiest part IMO was Hank's long tongue, and how the back of
his mouth seemed to be a glitching portal to another world. Ofc it didn't
help that I'm watching this w/ headphones & right before bed.

Still, though. Great animation. You been doing this awhile? The fact that
it's detailed in enough (in both visual & sound) to make me want to sky-
rocket upward through the roof from fear shows you've done a very
effective job. Keep it up, sir!

Vote: 5/5
Review: 4/5


I love it!

This accurately displays the epicness of Newgrounds & visualizes it into it's
own world. All while keeping in tune w/ the Pico Day theme. Keep it up!

Vote: 5/5
Review: 5/5


I understand it's 3D & all but...

See, the character in the driver's seat seems deformed, where the nose looks
similar to that of an animal, and the teeth look rather small, with an uneven bite.
As 3D animation is greatly different from 2D animation, I think it just needs a little
more time. I don't know what your professor was expecting to result from 8 weeks,
but if you spend a couple more weeks on it (not for uni but for yourself/viewers),
this could be a really great product!
Length is not a problem at all, it's just the shaping, so to speak.

Vote: 2/5
Review: 0.5/5


Not the most impressive...

In terms of the animation & framemate thereof, I'd have to say it looked rather
choppy in the way that some parts of the animations were too fast & jittery(like
the ppl clapping, try slowing them down a bit), and the missile kept going at the
same slow speed before it crashed back down to N. Korea-
I think it might look fairly better w/ some variations in the speed: Like, it could
launch off slowly, then increase in speed until the rocketboosters give out
causing an immediate, but smooth halt in mid-air & then continue on w/ the rest
of the flash as is.
Just some things to improve on.

Vote: 2/5
Review: 1.5/5

mysterysparkstudios responds:

Cheers this helped me alot :)

Sorry I forgot I was on my alt account when writing that.
Wow...This movie blew my mind.

After months of forgetting to update Flash, I finally saw your wonderful production.
Tbh, my brain couldn't get the full picture of what was going on, til I read the description.

The music sounded very gleeful, yet sounded like it had an intellectual backdrop to it
(if that makes sense).
Sir, if this really isn't your best work, then I thirst to see what else you can make. :)
You have great animating skills, & this movie I watched had an amazing/epic plot to it.

Overall: 9/10
Score: 5/5


This curse sounds pretty scary.

So I didn't go farther than the first page.
I no want to be cursed!! <:[


Way to go mang!

I always hated that little zeg.

kanamomashouse responds:

no way. Zeg was amazing.

Heyy >:[

1. That's not how it happened!

2. This is disgusting!

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