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Great game theme!

This game was quite fun to play. What I really loved was the ability to move around a circle, & the fact that it has something to do with pi. I'm enthusiastic about pi, & have memorized many of its' digits. Plus, there are 3 different game modes to keep things varied! Well done!

Vote: 5/5
Review: 4.5/5


Great, simplistic game!

I like many of this game's features. I like the slingshot effect you're supposed to shoot
the green object with. I like the reasonable goals for each level. And I really like the
active online leaderboard. Shame I'm currently 1 of only 4 to be on it.

To Improve On: Try working w/ the rate of speed decrease on the green object, and
maybe add changing backgrounds that either change per each level, or give the
personal option to make the backgrounds how the player wants it. :)

Vote: 3/5
Review: 4.5/5


Well-rounded game!

I like how this game is in close resemblance to Bejeweled & Block Destroyer. This game
also has limitations & versatilities that are unique to its' specific programming. On another
note, it's even better that it's available on the App Store! I might just play this the next time
I'm out visiting my grandparents! :)

Vote: 5/5
Review: 5/5


I feel so dumb lol.

Well done, sir! You did an excellent job making this a challenging game!
I didn't make it past level 2 without giving up. The world needs more games
like this. More strategy, more brain work instead of handwork - like yours!
Love it!

Vote: 4/5
Review: 4.5/5

I love this game!

I don't believe this! This wonderful app/game has made its' way to Newgrounds! Both me and
my uncle love this game. It's so different having a mouse to click these things instead of my finger.
Nothing compares to spam-clicking Tom's face to knock him out for a few seconds.
Great job!

Overall: 5/5 ; 5/5.

Simple, but fun.
I like the concept of shooting at the balloons & using the mouse to move/shoot. No confusing AWSD controls or things like that. I'm not sure if there's a time limit or score limit though.

I noticed the framerate when I moved the crosshair seemed a bit choppy, like the FPS(frames per second). Maybe I'm just expecting too much though. If you can't fix it, that's fine.
Good job, though. Please keep making more games, especially mouse-oriented ones.

Votes: 3/5 ; 3/5

:) :3 ^_^

Aww this is so sweet!

I got a score of...

0VER 5000!!

btw, ya might wanna try adding highscores

sonidd1 responds:

I will see to that in the next Simple Catapult Game.

Screenshots + Nudity = Bad

Yo, I think at least 56% of the screenshots you'll recieve are him naked.

Kyrianne responds:

Meh, chibi nudity didn't kill anyone. :)


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