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I loved it. This had action, & comedy mixed into the same show. Plus, it was based off the Turducken, which I remember seeing on a documentary on Thanksgiving week 2 years ago. You took America's favorite clusterfuck Thanksgiving dinner, and put it in a flash.
"I got new shoes, & I'm gonna warm them by shovin' them in ya ass. You fuck." Best line in the whole show! Please, make this into a series. For the sake of NG Humanity.

Vote: 4/5
Review: 4/5


This porno flash is very well drawn. Great framerate, great detail, etc. The job you did on drawing
the nipples, the veins, & the semen is far better than what I've seen from most ppl. Could do with
a bit of color, and that's where you lose 1/2 a star.

I've also, for unknown reasons, been obsessed w/ Lilith recently, & she was drawn very well
in this clip! Great job. Love it. If you could just color it, it could be fap material. ;D

Vote: 5/5
Review: 4.5/5

pinoytoons responds:

tnx for the review :D . but the description said it already . colored version belongs to the comissioner ;P


Sir, this isn't a comedy show, this is a horror sci-fi short to an extent.
The creepiest part IMO was Hank's long tongue, and how the back of
his mouth seemed to be a glitching portal to another world. Ofc it didn't
help that I'm watching this w/ headphones & right before bed.

Still, though. Great animation. You been doing this awhile? The fact that
it's detailed in enough (in both visual & sound) to make me want to sky-
rocket upward through the roof from fear shows you've done a very
effective job. Keep it up, sir!

Vote: 5/5
Review: 4/5


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Great game theme!

This game was quite fun to play. What I really loved was the ability to move around a circle, & the fact that it has something to do with pi. I'm enthusiastic about pi, & have memorized many of its' digits. Plus, there are 3 different game modes to keep things varied! Well done!

Vote: 5/5
Review: 4.5/5


Great, simplistic game!

I like many of this game's features. I like the slingshot effect you're supposed to shoot
the green object with. I like the reasonable goals for each level. And I really like the
active online leaderboard. Shame I'm currently 1 of only 4 to be on it.

To Improve On: Try working w/ the rate of speed decrease on the green object, and
maybe add changing backgrounds that either change per each level, or give the
personal option to make the backgrounds how the player wants it. :)

Vote: 3/5
Review: 4.5/5


Well-rounded game!

I like how this game is in close resemblance to Bejeweled & Block Destroyer. This game
also has limitations & versatilities that are unique to its' specific programming. On another
note, it's even better that it's available on the App Store! I might just play this the next time
I'm out visiting my grandparents! :)

Vote: 5/5
Review: 5/5


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You call it quirky, but it's more! :D
This song has a great bass sound, & that authentic DnB drum beat as well.
What was the BPM on the drums(if you know)?

The foreground sound is a high-pitched one, almost like in a classic video game.
To a person with an open mind, it's an awesome, new idea to try in the DnB subgenre!

In short, this could definitely be made a full song, but you should add some variation.
Variation being: The music winds down/fades for 10 secs, then winds back up for 10 more
secs, this time putting a very subtle change to atleast 1 of the instruments.


TBM responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! I don't know if I'll ever expand it, it's too bright for my taste. I made the drums, and the tune overall is at 87 bpm (first attempt at that bpm, I usually make DnB at 175).


OMG I'm one of your biggest fans!!
Another good song by the best Audio Artist on Newgrounds!

*hears applause*

~darknessdweller <3


I got 2 words to describe this song:

Heavy and happy.

Neon-Crepth responds:

haha thanks. happy?

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