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Posted by darknessdweller - July 5th, 2009

EDIT 7/8/09 7:27 PM - Hey. I got rid of the dark poetry/writing, and replaced with THIS!!

ALSO!! Video:

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Edit 7/9/09 1:27pm -
I will soon be holding a comment competition.
It will happen either after jessiana's competiton, or after my trip to Cape Cod!

Comments (73)

Who's more of a loser then a poser emo who won't even kill himself when apparently its his greatist desire? No one.

Shitty writers are the ones who make their entire appeal pity. Learn to fucking articulate without some cliche worded sob-story with little to no point.


B& B& B&

Don't listen to him, he's just trollin' you and trying to make you feel worse.

But you shouldn't hurt yourself.

Oh, I dealt with him! >;)

And how else will I deal with my problems? Drugs are gonna fuck up everything, and I don't wanna get fat by eating to solve my problems!

I'm not trolling; i simply don't like him and want to make that known. Not everything that offends you personnally can fairly be called trolling.


*pushes you*

I meant like doing something else to vent your emotions. Cutting yourself isn't the only thing you could do. You could find something you're good at and put everything you're feeling into that instead of the blade.

You seem to be pretty good at writing; maybe start writing a journal?

Hmm... this doesn't sound half bad. I can rap, but I can't sing. I could try improving on my writing skills, and make a novel, or a book of ridiculously short stories, cuz I'm better at writing short things. [short attn. span lulz]

Seek help if you continue to have suicidal or sadomasochistic thoughts.

Try exercising. Find a helpful hobby. Something to take your mind off depression.

Well, I think sadomasochism is cool! :)

Exercise is not good for dark. A hobby, eh? Not a bad idea.

I like the 1st paragraph, it's so poetic. I would be really upset if you killed yourself! If you commit suicide, we can't share a bed in heaven! lol

Yea, I tried to be poetic. ^_^

If we both die near the same time, we'll share a bed in heaven! ;D

Well I made a blog post. You can check it out if you want.

Ok! :D

Yeah, short stories are good.

And you know Shel Silverstein? He writes books full of short poems and stories, and gets a lot of recognition from it. So if you can't sing it sounds like you could follow his example.

Yea. Yea, that's a GREAT idea~! :D

I'll be almost like him!

That was a truly beautiful poem. That kind of describes how I feel a lot of the time. especially the part about the wind. Very poetic. Please don't kill yourself. Jessica and I would be really sad. Death wpn't solve your problems. Have a nice day!

Yayyy I got a comment from LovelyInBlue! :D

Thnx for the positive criticism!

You spelled "won't" wrong LovelyInBlue! lol I can't beleive the grammer freak made an error!!

You make me look forward to dying! Beds are fun! lol
What kind of bed? just curious........

A queen size bed! Maybe it'll have a canopy! And pure white sheets! Plus, we won't have alarm clocks, cuz u don't have to go to work in heaven! (i think)

Cool! I'm alarm clock proof, can't wake up. My Mom has to slap the crap outta me to get me off the bed. YAY! No work! I don't like to take orders from people anyway!
Canopy beds look so elegant! YAY! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Oh This is gonna be great!! :D We can sleep in as long as we want to!
And we'll have a flatscreen TV that'll come out of the clouds, and we'll watch people be miserable on Channel 23 AKA Earth!

You're Welcome, Honey!

lol "honey"



Is there anyway I can get on this sharing a bed in Heaven thing. Lol. Just wanted to know what you would say. just kidding....Or am I? Tehee!

Meh... usually queen size beds only accomodate 2.

Flatscreens are awesome! It's even more awesome that they pop out of the clouds! You are SO not gonna go on the bed Mercy! I don't like threesomes lol Especially with another girl! You would turn heaven to hell! lol

A threesome wit two girls in it? :D

That would make it Heaven +1!

Yeah, Jess. I would turn Heaven to Hell, cause I'm just that hot! Tehee.

Then mayve you should cool down a little! hehehe

WhatEVER Mercy! My Mom keeps making me get off the computer! I have to get off soon AGAIN! Moms are evil! She wants me to WATCH my sister play a game or DO the game for her! WTF

Wow. Your mom is starting to sound like mine. Well, with the first part, anyways.
I wish she understood that I NEED the computer alot. It's my best friend (well, contains my many best friends, but you get the point).

Damn, muthafucka! :D Dis blog of mine is turning into a chatroom!


I'm down with the chat room idea!

Well, alright then! :D

Well, If were going to have a little chat going on, We need a topic

Lol I guess so!

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