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Posted by darknessdweller - July 5th, 2009

EDIT 7/8/09 7:27 PM - Hey. I got rid of the dark poetry/writing, and replaced with THIS!!

ALSO!! Video:

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Edit 7/9/09 1:27pm -
I will soon be holding a comment competition.
It will happen either after jessiana's competiton, or after my trip to Cape Cod!

Posted by darknessdweller - June 22nd, 2009

Due to a delay with this week's "darknessdweller weekly", there has been a placeholder placed.

darknessdweller weekly placeholder

Posted by darknessdweller - June 15th, 2009

Before I post this. Fuck you, I hate you all.

FOX News Fail:

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Posted by darknessdweller - May 28th, 2009

Level 22

I've made my decision~ Imma start depositing again!!

Goin on a field trip tommorow!!

Posted by darknessdweller - May 21st, 2009

Follow me on twitter!

I might just follow yuo back! ;)

Posted by darknessdweller - May 17th, 2009

Suck it.

Posted by darknessdweller - May 7th, 2009

Things are lookin' up!

Recent Updates:
- Parents took laptop out of room, now I'm much moar awake in the day
- State testing today, went well
- Presented both projects, success
- NO HW, WOO!!

Upcoming Plans:
State testing
My dad leaves for Myrtle Beach yesterday

Video Games:
Midnight Club L.A. Remix: Inactive. I'm havin a very hard tiem beatin it
Recently started playing TEXAS HOLD'EM for GBA! :D


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Posted by darknessdweller - May 1st, 2009

Well guys.. I've been far more productive this past week, both online, and IRL.
- Went from 100 medal points to 210 in just 3 days!!
- 10,000 Saves
- Passed a few English quizzes
- Passed a Science quiz
- 13,000 B/P
- Watched some of iCarly webbiest Wednesday FOR ONCE
- Make progress in lvl 3 of NFS MW
- Finish History report Final Copy by Sunday @ 4pm
- More medals in that bunny killing game
- Get better at Stamper's Quest For Fags
- Pass Science Test
- Buy my mom the best dang Mothers Day present she ever dang seen (using my dad's money)
MSN Blog covering past month
My Twitter [updated constantly] - http://www.twitter.com/darknessdweller -- F0LL0W ME!!

I have also managed to make 3 new enemies at school, I had to yell at about 50 ppl this week, I HATE SCHOOL, FUCK SCHOOL TO HELL, and FEAR H1N1 --

Done? Great. :) You are now temporarily protected against H1N1, formerly known as Swine Flu, and nearly a full-scale pendamic.


Posted by darknessdweller - April 21st, 2009

Ok, so I was eating dinner at Longhorn steakhouse on Sunday night, and it was ALOT worse than it used to be in February of 2008. On the Daytona 500 in 2008, the chicken was good, we all had fun, liked our meals, and I put my percentage skills to work that night! But, at our most recent visit, it sucked. The portions were ALOT less than they used to be, and at first, I blamed this fucking economy, but my dad said "No, it's just the kids they have working in the kitchen". And then he starts to complain about how they used to have professionals and chefs workin the kitchen, and now they got teenagers workin there. Man, people will accept anybody these days. And teenagers are ALWAYS up to no good, they might be doing things to your food, if ya know what I'm saying. And many of you may have seen that YouTube video of two Dominos workers doing disgusting things to the food, such as wiping boogers on the pizza. Like, what the fuck is this shit!? I'm glad they got fired! And they claim they didn't serve the tainted food, but I disagree. Humans are the most evil, uncaring, vermin on the Earth! Now, about Burtons, I also got ripped off, considering there were like, 7 fries on my plate! And the chicken was small, and of all things to put in a black cup and call it a side, they put ORANGES on my plate for side. Ok, it was orange wedges. Does anybody really like having oranges with chicken? And the steak my parents were having had good taste, but were too chewy, and they mentioned something else bad about it too. So, as you can see, Burtons got crappy. Went from a 97/100 to a 48/100. And it got me thinking about how EVERYTHING gets crappy over time. New models of cars that I liked are starting too look ugly IMO. I like the 2003 and 2004 Camrys better than the 2008 and 2009s. Plus, many NG Regulars say Newgrounds has gone to shit, is not as good anymoar, or just rant about how much shit is cluttering the BBS, and how suckish the Portal has become. I mean really.. 30 blams and 98 protects in one day!? Come on, from what I hear, it used to be something liek 56 blams and 28 saves a day, amirite? I may be a little off with those numbers, but I wasn't on NG, nor was I aware of it, before 2007. And man, 2007 sucked. I always hated being 11, I got dumped that year, and became suicidal, nearly failed a book report, had to leave my elementary school, and my whole homeroom was my enemy for both grades that year! And it just gets worse every year. I get moar miserable every year, life sucks moar every year, work increases every year, the quality of alot of stuff decreases every year... FUCK NEW YEAR!!! And there's tons of other stuff that may have gotten worse over the years, and many good places have closed, to be replaced with new, crappy ones, and we had to get rid of ALOT of things in this house that I liked, and, back in the days when I played with Hotwheels cars, my parents kept taking away moar and moar of the space for a track, highway, roads audience, and other stuff. They put a couch in, that nobody uses, a coffee table that can barely hold itself up, and umm... they got rid of a perfectly good sittin chair! Jeez, someones I wonder how a kid can breath freely without his parents constantly watching him, telling him what to do, what he can/can't do, I mean really. And SOME parents won't even let you have the slightest kind of bad attitude about it. It's as if my mom keeps making new ways to have a bad attitude every day! GRRRR....

TL;DR: No. Read it. Or I'll rape you.

Posted by darknessdweller - April 16th, 2009

In the worst year so far, 2009, the economy is crap, people are hateful, and jobs are going down.
Now, because the economy is down, you might lose your job, and if you lose your job, you'll be unemployed AND MUST look for a job. Which brings me to my next two points. If jobs are scarce,
then how are you supposed to get a job!? It's not your fault, and Obama's working as hard as he can to fix it! But this economy could start spiraling ut of control and leave us all in the streets! Also, there are ILLEGAL ALIENS living off of welfare! But what is to happen when the flow of money stops and the government comes to their door saying "We got no money for ya" Oh what now? You gotta go find a job, but ALAS, there ARE no jobs because the economy has crumbled!! Another thing. The adults who xan't find jobs AND illegal aliens are taking drive-thru jobs from us teens who wanna make money without our parents paying us! And another thing, there are some spoiled kids out there who have their parents do everything for them, and buy everything they want/need. But they're not always gonna be there to take care of them. And most of you won't meet a girl like my mom who will eventually marry you, have a kid, and take care of/serve you! And I know some of you already live alone and are like, 24 and up. You are probably self-sufficient, and you should be proud of that! Although. it must be a busy life.. getting up early, going to work for 8 HOURS, coming home only to cook, do laundry, and take care of the house! When do you guys fit in free time anyways? And do I have this slightly, or all wrong? I also remember the episode of iCarly where Sam got a job to pay off all her debts to Carly and Freddie. But she hated working so much, she cried, and said ridiculous things like "They don't let you sleep, or watch TV, or go on the internet..." but ya know what? OF COURSE THEY DON'T! I may not have seen a working job for myself, but I do know a thing or two about it! Although. I must argue with that statement I said, if your at a job with a desk and a computer, you could go online during your lunch break, or just sneak on at some point. Now, even though I don't work, I do know what it's like to sneak onto something online. And, while you run a great risk for getting caught, it's still really fun to see what's happening online as everyone you know either works or sleeps. idk.. some might get a rush from it, just like Lois Griffin got a rush from stealing things from stores in that episode of Family Guy. And my dad won't let me watch Family Guy anymore!! T_T And I miss that show. The Simpsons are ok, but I liked Family Guy better. And at least I get to watch King of the Hill! :D If you noticed, just like I did, the previously listed shows are on F0X on Sunday nights. Animation Domination, baby! ;D Anyways, I was wondering.. is it true that F0X NEWS is biased and is a bad form of media like TV says? And if any of you have questioned whether global warming is real, I KNOW it is, and you know it is, I just know you know it's real. And if you don't do something about it, YOU'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!

Alright guys, moar to be added later. ;D